Volunteer at the RCYC!

Volunteer Roles

  • Event Registration

  • Race Box

  • Recorders

  • First Aiders

  • After Event Clean Up

  • Safety Officers

  • Mark Layers

  • Safety Rib Drivers

  • Safety Rib Support

  • Safeguarding

Volunteers needed! We need your help for events in 2024.

Our RCYC on-water events run from March to November. Can you volunteer for an event?   

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is not only impactful in a positive way but also brings immense joy and satisfaction. Connecting with others and contributing to a cause we are passionate about serves as an immediate mood lifter. The RCYC offers numerous opportunities for volunteering, allowing individuals to engage in a variety of meaningful tasks. From managing race boxes to handling social media accounts and conversing with members about the club and our sailing activities, RCYC volunteers play a crucial role. Whether you are well-versed in the world of our club and sailing, have experience in motor boating or dinghy sailing, or are just starting out with limited knowledge, there is a perfect role for you, and we would be thrilled for you to become involved. 

How do I get involved? 

The volunteer roster within SCM, can be found by clicking the ‘volunteering duties’ button or by going to your ‘portal’ tab and scrolling to the ‘duty roster’ section. It is updated regularly prior to events so keep checking back.