Training Courses

See below what courses we can offer you, from beginner to more advance, we have something for all.

Powerboat Training

Powerboat Courses are delivered using the RIB (rigid inflatable boat) as below. Click here for further RYA guidance information.

  • Powerboat level 2 – 2 day course – upon successful completion you will have a certificate to operate a powerboat on coastal water during daylight hours. Typically required when hiring a powerboat on holiday.
  • Safety Boat – 2 day course – designed for those involved in supporting dinghy sailing where the participant in the RIB acts as safety boat to assist sailors who get into difficulty.

Adult Sailing

Our Adult 16+ courses are delivered in either Dinghies OR Keelboats- we can guide you on what to choose if you are a beginner (Age 14 and over) – click here to see Adult Course Guide.

  • RYA – Level 1 (2 days) – Start Sailing
    • ability to sail in light winds under supervision
  • RYA – Level 2 (2 days) – Basic Skills
    • Ability to sail and make decisions in good conditions
  • RYA – Level 3 (2 days) – Better Sailing
    • Confident sailing in more challenging conditions, consolidation of skills in preparation for advanced modules (see link above)

RYA Level 1, 2 and 3 prices are as follow- * indicates per person.

Public                   Member

1:1                                                                 320.00                 260.00

2:1                                                                 210.00                 170.00*

Group                                                           150.00                 120.00*

  • Further Advanced Courses: Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing, Sailing with Spinnakers, Start Racing, Performance Sailing (2 days each) POA
  • Group Tuition – available on request (Dinghies / Keelboat)
    • Bespoke to needs of customer
  • 1:1 personal tuition – available on request
    • Bespoke to needs of customer

3 hour Personal, Pairs and Group Tuition Pricing * indicates per person.

Public                   Members

1:1                                                                 120.00                   90.00

2:1                                                                   70.00                   50.00*

or per hour                                                   40.00                   30.00


Youth Sailing

Delivered in single handed Dinghies (Age 8 and over) – click here to see Youth Course Guide

The courses on offer are as below.

    • RYA – Level 1 (2 days) – Introduction to sailing
    • RYA – Level 2 (2 days) – tacking/gybing & speed control
    • RYA – Level 3 (2 days) – sailing a triangular course
    • RYA – Level 4 (2 days) – double handed dinghy sailing
    • Further Advanced Courses: Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing, Sailing with Spinnakers, Start Racing, Performance Sailing (2 days each)

Ladies that Launch

Ladies that Launch is an initiative to get people out on the water mid-week, who have experience, more as a casual leisure based activity.

Lasting approx 2.5hrs including set up and instruction.


£10 per session, per person, based on a group.


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