The Silver Model of Endeavour

When Robin Judah and Beecher Moore agreed that they should pursue the idea of a series of races to find the ‘champion of champions’ in the dinghy sailing world, it was obvious that a suitable trophy would be required. During a visit to the London Silver Vaults, Beecher had purchased a fine silver replica of the J Class Endeavour and once he had decided to donate it as the trophy, it somehow seemed fitting to link the achievement of the best of amateur dinghy sailors with the exploits of the amateur crew of Endeavour, drawn from the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in 1934.

The value of the trophy was not necessarily appreciated, and in the early days it was taken home by the winner, occasionally in the boot under a centreboard. It ended up in such a sad state of repair that Beecher threatened to take it back. It was Tony Allen who made the necessary tools to effect a re-fit and restored the model (and Beecher’s temper!) to its former glory. That was the end of its annual journeyings; it now stays in its display cabinet in the entrance to the Clubhouse and the winner takes home a splendid half model instead, too large to forget to return.

While the trophy no longer goes home with the winner, it has been on a several pilgrimages. In 2001 it travelled in its special case to the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes, where it was the focal point of a display for the Jubilee Celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the America’s Cup. In March 2008 it was given star treatment at the Dinghy Show when its importance in the dinghy sailing world was underlined by the presence of past and current champions and aspiring competitors.

An Omission Rectified

Bob Suggitt was one of the former champions who came to celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Championships in Octber 2010. Bob’s year of glory was 1970 and in those days the winner’s name was inscribed on a shield on the base of the model. Naturally Bob inspected the model and was disappointed to discover that he had been omitted. The shield for 1969 was there but the next shield was 1971…

Bob pointed this out so something had to be done. An emergency – was there a doctor in the house? Click here to discover how the problem was solved…