Sadly the club pontoon is no longer open to members, the new guidelines means the clubhouse is closed too, but we will run takeaways, as we had, in the previous lockdown.

Takeaway available Wednesday and Fridays- Menu at the bottom of page
-Takeaway- you must call to book by 1pm if you wish to order. Anyone can order member or non member.
Payment is by member card or you can tap your debit/credit card at pick up.
You will be given a collection times between 6pm and 7.30pm, on booking.

01621 782105 is the number for your bookings.

Drink Specials- Separate Delivery ONLY order with the office- These drinks are ‘specials’ because they are past their best before date.

Original 500ml Bulmers Ciders – 80p each 12 Available

Bulmers 500ml Crushed Red berries – 80 p each 18 available

Budweiser 330ml 70p each 18 available

Ghost Ship 500m (low alcohol .05%) 50p each (4 available)

Guinness Surger Pint Cans 50p (32 available)
NB to present properly,these cans should be fridge chilled, poured gently into a pint glass and used on a surger machine that emits a sonic sound (agitates the
gas molecules). Jewellery cleaners may work! Loan of glass for each 4? (enter Guinness surger into Youtube for demonstration)

Opening Hours:
The office is working remotely, 9am to 1pm.
The Clubhouse itself is closed, save for takeaway collections as above.

A Theme This Week.... Burns Night!