ClassPer SeasonPer Part SeasonPer Race
Dinghies£41.00£26.00£5.00/per day



“Part Season” means either March, April and May (“First Part”) or June, July and August (“Second Part”) or September, October and November (“Third Part”). The Payment Dates for the Part Season basis are the 30th April for the First Part, the 30th June for the Second Part and the 30th September for the Third Part.Owners will be charged on the Per Race fee basis unless:-

  1. Prior to the 15th May they have notified the office that they intend to pay on the Per Season basis and have paid Per Season race fees; or
  2. Prior to the relevant Payment Date have notified the office that they wish to pay on a Per Part Season fee basis and have notified the office and paid the relevant Part Season race fee.

Please note that these Racing Fees do not include the Dragon Easter Regatta, Squib Gold Cup, RBYC Whitsun Regatta, RCYC Charity Regatta or Burnham Week.

Owners intending to race should complete the Race Fees form and return it to the Club Office. This form is available from the Club Office or by downloading the form using the link on the right-hand side of this page.
Prior to racing, owners and/or their representatives must also complete and sign the appropriate race entry form which will be available from the Office or from this Website prior to the start of the season.