Rules Talk by John Doerr- 24th Feb and 3rd Mar at 7.30pm

A brief overview of the changes in the 2021-24 rules;
• Windward mark – approach rules, rights, and options for both port and starboard approaches;
• Leeward mark rounding and ways to beat an overlap;
• Protests – they’re not a bad thing !! We’d like to encourage people to think about them as a way to encourage fair sailing, but also to raise awareness of rules for others (debriefing the fleet afterwards for example);

• Situations such as tacking to leeward when on port tack in differing boats such as those in a dinghy handicap fleet, e.g. speed / distance rules;
• Specific to Burnham ditch sailing, room rights when sailing along the shore;
• What to do when you know you’re about to get it wrong…. For example, catching someone up at a mark but having a) no rights to room at the mark, but also b) nowhere to go – I think too often we see people forcing their way in rather than avoiding the situation in the first place, which usually messes up other peoples’ races.
• Q&A (to be submitted in advance)

If you are interested please email-
It’s Free!