2021 Flag Officers

The Otter Flag Officers are elected annually by the Senior Otters and form the Otter Committee.  Consisting of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, two Rear Commodores and Secretary the Otter Flag Officers play a pivotal role in the organisation and running of events throughout the season.  Keen sailors themselves the Flag Officers will be found regularly at the club during Otter training sessions and will be on hand to provide help, support and information to all Otter members and their parents.

COMMODORE: Milly Drew, aged 16

Hi I’m Milly and I will be your Commodore for the Otters this season. I have been at this club for around 10 years now sailing several different boats. I am down at the club every Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing everyone else there too! I am currently sailing a Laser and sometimes an RS2OO. I enjoy sailing on the river and speaking to people in the dinghy park. I and the Flag Officers hope to have a good season with you this year so if you ever need any help or have any questions, I will be around in the dinghy park and very happy to help!

VICE COMMODORE: James Ball, aged 16

Hello, my name is James Ball and for this year I will be your Vice Commodore. I have been a part of this club for 10 years and during that time I have made countless memories. I currently sail a laser at the club and hope to see everyone else there. This year I hope we can get as much sailing in as possible and hopefully otter week and help everyone have as much fun as possible.

REAR COMMODORE: Phoebe Barr, aged 16

Hi I’m phoebe, I’m 16, and I’m one of your Rear Commodores this year. I started sailing with the Otters in an Oppie when I was 7, and I’m currently following in my brother’s footsteps and sailing a Cadet. I can’t wait to get back on the water and I’m looking forward to helping out down at the club when we’re allowed to. If you ever need any advice, I will always be happy to help as I should be down at the club most weekends. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

REAR COMMODORE: George Rashbrook, aged 16

Hi, I’m George Rashbrook and I will be Rear Commodore for the otters this year. I have been sailing at the club for around seven years and have sailed primarily in optimists, cadets and now in a laser. I will be around the club all year and am looking forward to helping out whenever I can.

SECRETARY: Callum Fraser, aged 17

Hi I’m Callum and I am the Otter Secretary for this sailing season. I have been a part of the Otters since 2014. I started in an Oppie, moved to a Tera and Feva and now currently in a Laser.  I have lots of experience, having been a part of the Tera National Squad, Squiddies Feva Squad and travelled to lots of events around the UK and Europe. I am at the club every Saturday and am always happy to help out anyone that needs it.