2020 Flag Officers

The Otter Flag Officers are elected annually by the Senior Otters and form the Otter Committee.  Consisting of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, two Rear Commodores and Secretary the Otter Flag Officers play a pivotal role in the organisation and running of events throughout the season.  Keen sailors themselves the Flag Officers will be found regularly at the club during Otter training sessions and will be on hand to provide help, support and information to all Otter members and their parents.

COMMODORE: Martha Waples, aged 17

Hi, I’m Martha and I will be your Commodore for this upcoming season. Ever since my older brother and sister started sailing I have been down at the Club almost every Saturday and am looking forward to making a positive impact to the Corinthian Otters throughout this coming year. I am currently sailing an RS200 with Izzie Corbett and love being out on the water. I am really looking forward to being even more involved with the Club this year and to be supporting you with my team of Flag Officers. As usual I’ll be around at the club most Saturdays if you need any help.  I hope that it’s going to be a great season!

VICE COMMODORE: Ella Phelps, aged 17

I’ve been part of this club most of my life and it has been a great constant and stability for me, with the sailing and the people. I love being part of the club and hope to continue being part of this club for many years more.  Being a Flag Officer means so much for me as I have always wanted to help out. Also, it is giving me great experience in organising and helping others which will help me on my way to becoming an events manager.

REAR COMMODORE: Milly Drew, aged 15

Hi, I’m Milly and I will be the Rear Commodore  for the Otters this season and I’m really looking forward to it! I have been sailing at this club for around 9 years now, going from an Optimist to a Tera to where I am currently, in a Laser. Sometimes I sail an RS200 with James during the winter. I’m at the club every week from March to December so I’m always going to be at the club if you ever need help with anything or have any questions!

REAR COMMODORE: James Ball, aged 15

Hi, I’m James Ball and this year I will be Otter Rear Commodore. I started on the pond and have sailed in most boats at some stage or another.  I am currently sailing a Laser, as well as an RS200, with Milly Drew. Hopefully I can help us have another fun year on the river.

SECRETARY: Lizzie Rands, aged 17

Hi I’m Lizzie and this year I will be your Otter Secretary. I am really looking forward to having a brilliant year and helping the other Flag Officers. I am currently sailing in a Laser and have been a member of the Corinthian Otters since 2010! I’ll also be out on the water on a Saturday afternoon in an RCOD! Being a Flag Officer is a great privilege and I’m always around to help out.