2022 Flag Officers

The Otter Flag Officers are elected annually by the Senior Otters and form the Otter Committee. Consisting of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, two Rear Commodores and Secretary the Otter Flag Officers play a pivotal role in the organisation and running of events throughout the season.  Keen sailors themselves the Flag Officers will be found regularly at the club during Otter training sessions and will be on hand to provide help, support and information to all Otter members and their parents.

COMMODORE: Phoebe Barr

Hi, I’m Phoebe, I’m 17 and I will be your Commodore this year. I started sailing with the Otters about 10 years ago. I have sailed in a range of different boats, but currently I am sailing in a Laser. I am down at the club every Saturday and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there too. I’ve always enjoyed sailing on the river and I’ve made some great friends along the way. The flag officers and I hope to have a great season this year and I can’t wait to see everyone down at the club again. If you ever need any help I will be around the dingy park, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions! 


VICE COMMODORE: George Rashbrook

Hello, my name is George and this year I will be Vice Commodore. Since I began sailing, around ten years ago, I have sailed in an Optimist, Cadet and am currently in a laser. Over my years in the Otters I have made many friends and even more memories and found my time as the Rear Commodore last year to be an all round rewarding experience. This year I hope to be able to help around the club as much as I can with as many people as I can. I sail at the club every Saturday and look forward to the coming year!


Hello, my name is Amelia and for this year I will be a Rear Commodore. Currently, I am helming an RS200 at this club with the other Rear Commodore, Max. Since I joined this club, I have sailed an Optimist, Cadet, Feva, Tera, Laser and now an RS200. The amount of memories so far I have made is incredible and I have so many amazing friendships from the Corinthian; I can’t wait for the next year with events like Otter Week coming up and will add my input wherever I can.


Hello, my name is Max, I’m 17 and I’m one of your Rear Commodores this year. I’ve been sailing since I was eight, starting in an Oppy and then moving through the Tera and Feva and currently sailing an RS 200. I joined the Otters in Summer of 2016 and have made many memories. I sail at the club every Saturday and I look forward to seeing everyone else there too!

SECRETARY: Jemima Cook

Hi, I’m Jemima and I’m this year’s secretary. I’ve been at the club for ten years now and I’m always either at the club or off sailing elsewhere. I love sailing and competing around the UK and Europe, but I’m also looking forward to helping run the Otters for this season. I currently sail an ILCA 4 (Laser 4.7) having started in Oppies and later progressed into the RS Feva XL.