“I didn’t set foot on a boat until I was 28….”

I used to play Hockey in the winter and one of my team mates, Roger, asked me to crew for him in Burnham Week one August. It introduced me to one design racing, the fantastic social side of the club and so many new friends. I didn't step on to a boat until I was 28, so becoming Commodore 30 years later probably reflects how much I love the watersport lifestyle. I've shared my passion through teaching over 150 beginners to sail and almost as many how to drive motor boats. I've competed to a reasonable standard locally, nationally and offshore. I've yet to cross an ocean but it's on the bucket list. Best of all, I have met loads of friendly, like-minded people home and abroad who's stories, yarns and jokes have added to my happiness. (Joined 2001)

Phillip Aspinall- Commodore