Marco Polo Trophy 2019

This annual event will be held on Saturday 26th October and as in previous years will be a pursuit race, starting on a Committee Boat line and finishing by rib out on the course at the end of the advertised time limit.

There will be a published list of start times calculated on the basis of each classes Portsmouth Yardstick handicap, as amended by our race officer for river conditions.

This is one of the few times club and Otter members can race their own boats together in the same race and is great fun, always ending in a thrilling climax as the faster boats try to catch the slower boats on the course.  The Trophy will be presented to the winner at the evenings Laying Up Supper so don’t forget to book yourself in.

The SI’s, Race Start Times/class flags and the course, will be published on the day of the race.  There are Start Times for Dragon, Squib, RCOD, Optimist, RS200, Laser and Blaze, however if you wish to race another class of boat, please inform the Club Office seven days before the event so that a start time, based on your handicap, can be calculated.

Please confirm your entry by emailing the club office with the following details:

Name of Helm and Crew:


Boats name:

Boat sail number:

Alternatively complete an entry form available from the club office in due course.