RCYC Identity Guidelines

The identity and brand of the RCYC is its most important communication asset, and as such, it needs to be clearly defined and controlled to ensure that it appears consistently across all printed, electronic and embroidered communication mediums.

Having said that, we’ve tried to avoid being too prescriptive within this guide. Many scenarios are not discussed, as it is reckoned that designers (at whom this guide is aimed) will apply common sense whenever strict guidelines are not defined

Full Colour Crest

The Full Colour Crest should be reserved for use on items of official importance when an impact is required. It should only ever appear on a white background, and it should only ever appear once per document. It should always be allowed a minimum clear space of 50% of the logo’s size.

Although its use should be limited, suitable occasions for using this Crest would include…

-The front cover of the Annual Report

-The front cover of the Membership List

-On an exhibition stand

Single Colour Crest

The Single Colour Crest should be used on those occasions when using the Full Colour Crest is not permitted. It can appear either on a white background, or knocked out of a background in white. It should always be allowed a minimum clear space of 50% of the logo’s size.

Suitable occasions for using the Single Colour Crest might include…

-Club stationery & membership cards

-T-Shirts and other branded insignia

-Glassware and dining room stuff

Gold Crest

The use of the gold Crest is limited to, and restricted to, the following items.

-Defaced ensigns and Club burgees

-Club ties and scarves

-Staff uniforms


Logotype layout

There are three acceptable ways to lay out the Logotype.

        • -In a single line, using title case
    • -Stacked on two lines, using title case
  • -As initials

Recreating the Logotype

Ideally, use one of the EPS files provided to generate the artwork (downloads at the top of the page), but if for any reason this is impossible and you need to recreate the Logotype, please ensure that the end result complies with the guidelines given below.

We’ve also provided some examples of incorrect usage, but we haven’t included every possible design faux-pas, e.g. there’s no reference to using multiple colours in the Logotype thereby making it look like a ransom note. Common sense should prevail.

Use the correct typeface

The Logotype should always be written in Futura Medium. If you need to reproduce the RCYC Logotype and do not have this typeface, contact Kate in the office for a copy.

Right Font
Wrong Font

Use the correct tracking & kerning (letter spacing)

If you are recreating the RCYC Logotype, it should be hand-kerned to achieve minimum spacing between the letter shapes, without the characters touching. If the application you are using does not allow kerning of individual glyphs, the tracking (letter spacing) should be set to achieve a similar effect. Ideally, use an EPS.

Right Tracking
Wrong Tracking
Wrong Tracking

Use the correct prefix

The name of the club is Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, it should never be preceded by “The” when written as a Logotype.

Right Prefix Wrong Prefix

Use the correct suffix

The Logotype should never be written as Royal Corinthian YC.

 Suffix Wrong Suffix

Use the correct separator

If just the initials of the Club are being used for the Logotype, those capitals should never be separated by periods or other separators.

Right Separator Wrong Separator

Use the correct case

The full Logotype should never be written in all capital letters.

Right Tracking