The RCYC welcomes new members to join all its yachting and social activities. Visiting the club is the best way to start your application process – contact the RCYC office and make a date to visit us, preferably at the weekend when the Club is busy. Under 18’s should join the Corinthian Otters, who have a dedicated page which can be found here.

Why Should I Join?

Find out why you should join the Club and even take a look at our member Testimonials- words from our members themselves on why they joined the club.

The Royal Corinthian provides facilities for a wide variety of boats. There are fleets of day racing boats, running weekend series of races which offer challenges for the experienced sailor and excellent opportunities for non-boat owners to crew. Many members take part in national and international events.

There’s also an active cruiser section of sailing and motor boats with members cruising to meets round the east coast as well as individuals who sail much further afield. There’s also the occasional fun race. The club owns the moorings in front of the Clubhouse and members can hire them at competitive rates.

Members’ children are welcome in the Club and, once they are 7/8 years old, they are eligible to join the Corinthian Otters where they learn to sail with qualified, experienced trainers. The training is underpinned by strict safety rules and there are a limited amount of spaces available to new joiners with priority being given to the children of our members. Fees are covered by family membership. (See below)

There is, of course, a friendly social scene around the sailing. The Lounge Bar on the ground floor, and the Dining Room on the first floor, have unrivaled views of the river and the Club serves meals on Wednesday nights as well as across the entire weekend. More info here on the Club and it’s history.

Annual subscriptions are due 1st January but if you join later in the year, this will be adjusted pro rata. There is no joining fee and subscriptions can be paid in a lump sum or by installments by direct debit.

How do I start the application process?

You will need to fill in an application form supported by letters from a proposer and seconder. These must be full members of the Club who will put your name forward to the General Committee for approval. If you already know a member, he or she can propose you but if you do not know anyone, don’t worry, we can arrange for you to meet our Flag Officers.

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What if I can’t sail?

All our classes welcome novices and will encourage you to join them to gain experience. Sometimes classes organise crew-training days which would be useful for you. You can get experience across various classes to help you to decide where you feel most at home.

What about my wife, husband, partner?

This is covered by making an application in your joint names either for full or temporary membership as above. Couples benefit from a 50% reduction of one of the individual subscriptions.

Is there family membership?

Joint full members whose child/children have reached the age of seven, can apply for Family Membership which will give their children priority entrance to the Corinthian Otters without further fees.

Can I join as a social member?

There is no special category for social members – all members can play as full a part in the social or sailing life as they wish. Boat owners who wish to race, pay race fees according to the class of boat.

Do I have to own a boat?

Not at all – if every member was a boat owner, there would be nobody to crew!

Membership Subscriptions

Age 2024 Annual 10 Monthly Payments- for direct debits Mar - Dec only.
30-31 £140.00£14.00
U26 & Students (2)£48.00£4.80
Joint (3)£696.00£69.60
Family (4)£696.00£69.60
Overseas£130.00 £13.00
Country Membership£150.00£15.00
Widow(er) 60+ (5)£232.00£23.20
Winter Membership (6)£145.00£14.50

(2)Students must be in full time education

(3)Couples/Joint may elect to pay either separately or at the rate of 150% of the subscription of the higher of the two individual subscriptions

(4)Family covers cohabiting couples, single parents and their U18 children’s membership of the Corinthian Otters.

(5)A special concession will be made, upon application, to widows or widowers over the age of sixty who were formerly benefiting from the joint membership 50% discount for the second member. In such circumstances, the widow, or widower, will continue to be a full member of the club upon payment of a subscription calculated at 50% of the full individual fee

(6)This category is no longer open to new members


Payment of the full Annual Subscription for members age 26+ can be made, upon application to the Club office, by 10 equal monthly payments by Direct Debit. Mar-Dec.  If a member resigns during the subscription year the full subscription will remain due and payable.

Membership runs from January to December.

New members:

Fees are pro-rata for new members joining part way through the year.

If you join as a new member in October, November, December 2024 the full rate listed is due but takes your membership to December 2025. Effectively up to three months free.

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