The COVID situation means that the Annual General Meeting for 2020 will take place remotely via Zoom. This page gives details on:

• How to register for the meeting
• How the meeting will be run
• How to download Zoom onto your device

The AGM will be run as a Zoom “webinar” which is a type of Zoom meeting that not only allows for all attendees to see and hear the officers presenting their reports but also vote on the proposals and raise questions.

This year most people have participated in a Zoom meeting or used facetime (or similar) to have video calls. For some it is now part of their normal life.

Zoom can be downloaded free and used without charge.

How to Register

You need to register for the AGM in advance so that we can manage attendance securely. To register please click on the button link below. It also gives you the option to submit a question for the officers.

Once registered you will receive an email with the AGM details. If you do not receive a registration email within 24 hrs, first check your junk folder then contact Kate info@royalcorinthian.co.uk).

Attendees should register by 12th December; the officers cannot guarantee that registration requests after that will be approved in time for the meeting.

How the AGM will be run and managed on the day?

• The webinar will be live from 11:00. The opening screen will be RCYC branded to give confidence that things are working as planned.
• Attendees will be muted and with video off.
• An overview of how the meeting will be conducted will commence at 11:10
• The formal AGM meeting will commence at 11:15 (subject to there being a quorum).
• Attendees will be viewing the Commodore, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.
• All the other current and proposed flag officers will be in attendance but out of camera.
• Reports will be presented by the officers in the normal fashion.
• Members can ask Questions at any time by typing a question via the green Q&A button at the edge of their screen. Questions will be consolidated to be answered after the delivery of a report. The meeting administrator will ensure all questions are acknowledged and answered by an Officer or directly to the member
• Should any member wish to ask their question (rather than type), they should submit a Question saying “Please can I address the meeting with a verbal question”
• Voting to accept motions etc. will be held at the end of each agenda item. The result of the voting will be displayed to all attendees
• To permit Peter, Robert and Tim to focus on the content of the AGM, the technology part will be administered by Phil and Nick.
• Kate will be in attendance and available on email to assist if members have Zoom issues.

How to Download Zoom

In order to join the AGM, your device will need to have downloaded Zoom. If you’ve attended a Zoom meeting before, this will have already happened. If not, then you need to do this in advance downloading the App from the Google PlayStore, Apple Store or the Zoom website (zoom.us)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What technology do I need to be able to register?
A: Most devices will work, desktop, laptops, tablets and Smartphones (Apple or Android). You will also need an email address.
Q: What happens if I join the meeting late?
A: The AGM will commence at 11:15 promptly. Late joiners will not cause any interruption. There will be no opportunity to get a recap on proceedings prior to joining.
Q: How do I know it’s the RCYC webinar?
A: The opening screen will be branded and, once the AGM starts, current and proposed Flag Officers will be present and “on camera”
Q: How do I vote?
A: A dialogue box will appear on your screen requesting your vote. Voting for each proposal will be held open for approximately 30 seconds and/or until the result is clear and obvious. The results will shared with the attendees.
Q: How do I ask a question?
A: There will be a Q&A button on the banner at the bottom of your screen. Clicking on it will let you type and then submit a question. If you wish to ask the question verbally then, via the Q&A button, submit a question stating “Please can I address the meeting with a verbal question”
Q: Will questions be anonymous?
A: No, as with a normal AGM the person asking will be known to all attendees.
Q: What if I have connection problems?
A: If you can, submit a Q&A to advise the administrator. Failing that send an email to info@royalcorinthian.co.uk . Unfortunately, the officers cannot guarantee the technology for all or any participant.
Q: What happens if the RCYC part of the AGM has technical issues?
A: The contingency plan is that there will be a quorum of members at the clubhouse on the day to enable the AGM to continue. A notice will be posted on the RCYC website within 1 hour of any catastrophic failure, advising the next steps. The AGM will also be recorded and can be made available to view subject to a justified request.
Q: How do I learn more about how Zoom will work?
A: There is a lot of helpful information including videos and tutorials on the Zoom website (zoom.us)
Q: Where can I get more help?
A: If you need more help contact Kate in the office via email or phone.